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Canada Introduces Provisional Safeguard Measures of 25% on 7 Steel Products!

Canada has announced provisional safeguard measures of 25% on 7 steel products: heavy plate, concrete reinforcing bar, energy tubular products, hot-rolled sheet, pre-painted steel, stainless steel wire, and wire rod commencing on October 25, 2018.

Safeguard inquiry to follow…

Expiry Review of Seamless Carbon or Alloy Steel Oil and Gas Well Casing

The CITT is conducting an expiry review of seamless carbon or alloy steel oil and gas well casing. The CBSA has determined that expiry of the previous order is likely to result in continued dumping and/or subsidizing of the goods.

CITT – Expiry Review of Carbon Steel Welded Pipe

The CITT has given notice that it will pursuant to section 76.03(3) of the Special Import Measures Act initiate an expiry review of its order made August 19, 2013, concerning the dumping and subsidizing of carbon steel welded pipe. The CBSA is conducting its own investigation into whether dumping is likely to continue should the order expire.

Anti-Dumping Alert: Dry Wheat Pasta (Turkey)

The CBSA has recently concluded that dry wheat pasta has been dumped. We await the final determination of the CITT.

Danby Products Ltd. v. President of CBSA

Common sense prevails at the CITT where it did not at the CBSA, in Danby Products Ltd. v. President of CBSA, Appeal No. AP-2017-009.

Anti-Dumping Alert: Certain Polyethylene Terephthalate Resin (China, India, Oman and Pakistan)

In CBSA Investigation PETR 2017 IN, the CBSA concluded that polyethylene terephthalate resin was imported from China, India, Oman and Pakistan was being dumped and duties were imposed. However, the CITT found no injury or threat of injury to the domestic industry, which should be refunded.

Anti-Dumping Alert: Certain Copper Pipe Fittings (Vietnam)

In CBSA Investigation CPF2 2017 IN, the CBSA concluded that certain copper pipe fittings were being dumped and duties were imposed.